Rostselmash clears the site to build a tractor factory

August, 2021

Demolition & dismantling campaign is in full progress at the site of the Rostselmash’s future tractor factory. This phase has progressed by 70%. Construction operations are expected to start in September.

A new industrial facility is being built in Rostov-on-Don. The Rostselmash’s tractor factory with a 5,000 units per year capacity will be the first tractor manufacturing facility in Russia built since the end of the Soviet era.  The company will invest over 6 bn rubles in this project. Rostselmash expects to complete the construction in the next two years and launch full-scale production in 2023. The facility will be operating close to the company’s main manufacturing site.  

In June, the company started dismantling operations as part of renovation. Today, work is in full swing here with the panelling being removed, primary and secondary trusses taken down, and other dismantling operations in progress. This phase has progressed by 70%. “The 62,000 sq.m production building is divided into 4 packages - depending on the longitudinal and crosswise spans it had.  Each package has its own progress percentage: from 30 to 98,” reports the construction office. 49 units of equipment are engaged at the site: crane trucks, cherry picker trucks, excavators, hydraulic shears, clamshell excavators and other machines operating both inside and outside the building. 

At the same time, an area has been prepared to disassemble and remove dismantled structural steel, weighing equipment has been installed under supervision. An 18-metre long high-precision weighing platform is prepared to take up 60 tons of load and to handle up to 50 vehicles per day.

Everything is gradually moving towards the point when dismantling will change to installation operations, when the first stone will be laid in the construction of the future factory. This is scheduled to happen in September.

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