Rostselmash Display Opens at Exhibition in Azerbaijan

August, 2023
On August 25-26, Rostselmash has participated at a Russian-Azerbaijani Field Day 2023 Expo in Azerbaijan.

It was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with the active support of Rosspetsmash Association.

Rostselmash, a leader of the Russian agricultural machine building sector, presents some state-of-the-art machines and equipment in the Republic for the second time.
Комбайн NOVA 340
At the exhibition, the Company showed a NOVA 340 harvester with Power Stream header and TUKAN HR LUXE baler. Farmers, agricultural holdings, agricultural machinery dealers and other target visitors could see grain harvesters and attachments firsthand.

Thanks to small size and mobility NOVA 340 harvester is ideal for efficient operation in small fields with complex contours. TUKAN HP LUXE features a heavy-duty gear case, wide cutting width, and extended split bale chamber facilitating the equipment transportation. The displayed models have proved themselves in Russia, Azerbaijan and many foreign countries.

Russian-Azerbaijani Field Day Expo is an important event for the development of mutually beneficial agricultural cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan. Russian companies are greatly interested in the market of the Republic. In turn, the Azerbaijani party is also interested in the development of bilateral cooperation. Available spare parts, quality and reliability of equipment, supply of agricultural machinery and equipment from Russia to Azerbaijan have great potential.
Российско-Азербайджанский День поля