Rostselmash equipment and electronic systems are exhibited at AGROSALON

October, 2022
As a tradition, Rostselmash takes part in AGROSALON-2022 international exhibition of agricultural machinery that is held in Moscow. Our company presents a wide range of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as our in-house electronic systems.
Ростсельмаш на АГРОСАЛОН 2022
Rostselmash exposition has already been visited by Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Mariya Yolkina, Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food, Construction and Road Machinery of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Konstantin Babkin, President of Rosspetsmash Russian Association, as well as the representatives of Tatarstan and other Russian regions.

Valery Maltsev, General Director of Rostselmash, presented current samples of our products and a demo booth displaying the company's electronic systems to the guests. He also outlined our investment program that involves launching dozens of new equipment models and construction of new plants in Russia. It was noted that implementation of Rostselmash investment projects will help to increase output of the machines required for agriculture sector.

AGROSALON-2022 exhibition runs from October 4 till October 7 in Moscow. TORUM 785, RSM 161 and T500 grain harvesters are the main exhibit items at the Rostselmash exposition. The combines show excellent results in harvesting campaigns: high performance, effective fuel consumption, ease of maintenance and operator comfort — these are the attributes noted by growers.
Техника и электронные системы Ростсельмаш
RSM 3000 and RSM 2000 series articulated tractors and RSM 1000 series classic tractor took their place among the exhibited machines. Tractor exposition stands out among he booths of the other companies: the guests show keen interest in machine specifications, available options and purchase terms.

The range of tractors includes classic and articulated models. Thus, Rostselmash machines support different hitches and attachments for a variety of operations: cultivation and tillage, planting, harvesting and post-harvesting operations, as well as crop treatment.
Трактор 1370 на Агросалон 2022
In addition, RSM F 2650 and RSM F 1300R forage harvesters are displayed there. Multi-purpose, effective and reliable harvesters become more and more popular in Russia and abroad. Agricultural machines, differing in power and some features, are available for prompt and large-scale forage harvesting while meeting all the goals of any farm.

Visitors are welcome to have a look at the new self-propelled sprayer RSM SPS-3800 SENTINEL that integrates the best innovative solutions and years of experience in application of machines for plant protection and nutrition, as well as RSM TS-6200 SPUTNIK sprayer having automated control unit featuring 2-frequency GPS/GLONASS signal receiver, LED lighting of boom nozzles and a mini washer in the basic configuration.

In total, 25 models of different equipment and electronic systems are presented. Visitors are invited to receive comprehensive advice during 4-day exhibition.
Подробные консультации РСМ для гостей экспозиции
Test-drive has long been an essential part of the equipment procurement process. The visitors have an opportunity to experience ergonomics and convenience of RSM 2375 tractor and TORUM 785 grain harvester cabs during the demonstration. This year, we also introduce the ultimate premiere of this year — RSM M2M. It runs as part of automatic control system. It links two or more machines and prevents overlapping of their driving paths as well as enables exchange of data on their ground speed, settings and fuel levels.

The electronic systems that are aimed at facilitating process operations and improving cost-efficiency of field works have a major influence on the performance of agricultural machines. We have already solved these problems by our innovative developments — systems of automatic control, process automation and optimization, emergency detection and prevention. In particular — by RSM Ok ID electronic system presented at AGROSALON that won a medal in Agritechnica innovation competition.
электронная система РСМ Ок Ай Ди на Агросалон 2022
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