Rostselmash Implementing the Advanced Engineering School Project

July, 2022
Проект передовой инженерной школы Ростсельмаш и ДГТУ

Rostselmash, together with the Don State Technical University (DSTU), will establish a new structural subdivision of the University – the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Machine-Building. It will be focused on training not of individual specialists, but engineering teams aimed at facing complex technological challenges. 


The project of Rostselmash and the University won the competition of the Advanced Engineering Schools held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and will now receive financial support from the Russian Government. The grant for the project implementation is RUB 1 billion 177 million, co-financing – RUB 277.5 million.

Integration of the competencies of high-tech production and the scientific base of the University will help prepare a new generation of engineers capable of facing the most complex technical challenges. Among such challenges are the development of a single modular scalable platform for grain harvesters, the development of a range of tractors and road construction machinery. As part of cooperation with the University, Rostselmash will provide students and teachers with effective internships at its industrial sites, give an opportunity to participate in current projects, and implement other joint activities. Thanks to this, future specialists will gain the necessary practical skills and become in demand in their profession even before graduation” says Valery Maltsev, General Director of Rostselmash.

“The unique focus of the Advanced Engineering School will be the training not of individual specialists, but engineering teams capable of facing a complex R&D challenge” said Besarion Meskhi, President of the Don State Technical University. According to the University President, a separate scientific and educational structure will be created on the basis of the University for this purpose to train engineers and teachers at all levels of higher and additional education, as well as to implement R&D projects aimed at facing the strategic challenges of agricultural machine-building. 

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