Rostselmash Machines for Morocco

October, 2023
Rostselmash Machines for MoroccoRostselmash together with Rosspetsmash Association took part in the Grain and Milling Expo, an international exhibition in Morocco. The Expo takes place every two years for professionals in agricultural industry from Africa and the Middle East.

The Moroccan official delegation headed by the Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Sadiki was among the first visitors of the Rostselmash exposition. The company's specialists represented the range of machinery and equipment, told about the production technologies and the quality control. Russian agricultural machinery and equipment captured the interest of the Minister.

The many talks held at Expo showed that Moroccan growers are highly interested in doing business with the Russia’s agricultural equipment maker. There were various options for partnership on the table. Rostselmash in its turn is willing to enter the Moroccan market with 3MT annual wheat production. In terms of production the Moroccan market is similar to some Russian regions where the company supplies tens of grain harvesters every year. The country reveals a strong potential for food self-sufficiency and the Russian manufacturer is willing to provide its technical support.

The Moroccan growers already gained a hands-on experience in using Russian combines, due to former supplies of 47 Niva combines.
According to experts, the Moroccan growers will be interested in NOVA 340 and VECTOR 410 grain harvesters, as small-size fields prevail in Morocco where this type of harvesters demonstrates the most economic efficiency. Rostselmash also produces a wide range of trailed and attached equipment, such as TUKAN 1600 baler and RSM TS-3200 trailer sprayer, which will ideally fit the Moroccan agricultural background.

Following Konstantin Babkin, President of the Rosspetsmash Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, Russian manufacturers of combines and tractors take a significant share of 12.5% in Africa and it will keep growing in the foreseeable future.
Rostselmash together with Rosspetsmash Association took part in the Grain and Milling Expo