Rostselmash Open to Farmers

March, 2022

Rostselmash Open to Farmers
 Rostselmash received agricultural producers from three regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on its industrial site in Rostov-on-Don.

This is the second delegation of Kazakhstani farmers who visited the enterprise in the run-up to the spring field works. In early February, at the invitation of Rostselmash, top managers of agricultural producers from the Kostanay Region visited the enterprise. The other day, the managers and chief specialists of farms from the Pavlodar, Akmola, and North Kazakhstan Regions paid a visit sponsored by official dealer Kazrost.

“In agriculture, spring is traditionally associated with a period of energetic efforts to renew the fleet of machines and tractors. Our customers find it important to see the manufacturing of the agricultural machines they choose in person, including the processes, equipment, and components used, evaluate the management of the manufacturing process; receive detailed advice from manufacturers; discuss the terms of cooperation with top management and specialists, and express their preferences. Our company has been always open to direct dialogue with consumers of its equipment”, said the representatives of Rostselmash.

At the company’s industrial site, the guests examined the manufacturing areas, central logistics complex, visited the corporate Academy, viewed the presentation of new agricultural machines and long-term development plans by Rostselmash.

corporate Academy by Rostselmash


Nikolay Afanasiev, Deputy Director of Pobeda LLP:

- In the rural areas, a lot depends on the reliability and service maintenance of machines. Rostselmash is a good company, and its maintenance services are solid and expedient, which is most important, especially in the harvesting period. This is the reason why we have cooperated with this company for many years. Our fleet of harvesters is fully composed of VECTORs. These are reliable and smooth-running machines. At present, we have 24 harvesters of this type that cope up with a seasonal load above 1,000 ha. We have large cropping areas – 28,000 ha. The crop yield is not particularly high – it averaged at 12.5 dt/ha in 2021. Therefore, we use harvesters with 6-7m hoists that fit the machine load perfectly. In addition, we use KSU 1 self-propelled mowers from Rostselmash.

Nikolay Afanasiev, Deputy Director of Pobeda LLP

Dmitry Belyavsky, Director of Amid PF:

- We have cooperated with Rostselmash for 10 years now. VECTOR 410 was our first purchase. We were quite happy with this harvester; over the period that followed, we switched our fleet to this model completely. We currently have 6 VECTORs to harvest 7,000 ha. In our climatic conditions and crop yield, this number is quite sufficient. Considering that the equipment operates at a high load, we try to make sure that our machines are 5 years old at the most.

Following in the footsteps of the harvesters, we will switch our fleet of heavy tractors to Rostselmash machines. We have two RSM 2375 machines that we purchased in 2020 and 2021. Their condition is perfect – we subject the tractors to off-season maintenance only.

We chose to purchase this specific model as we had a problem with the plough pan and needed tractors for subsoiling. Our old tractors were unable to manage chisel ploughs due to insufficient capacity. When we purchased our first RSM 2375, we switched to wide-coverage units, i.e., 22m spike-tooth harrows, sowing machines, 4.5m subsoilers with an operating depth up to 30 cm.

Dmitry Belyavsky, Director of Amid PF

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