Rostselmash Produced First Rotary Cutters in Taganrog

October, 2023
Rostselmash Produced First Rotary Cutters in TaganrogThe Taganrog facility of Rostselmash's Trailed and Mounted Implements Division has produced the first batch of STRIGE series rotary cutters. The equipment passed test runs, quality inspection, and will soon be shipped to the authorised dealer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So, the company is sticking to the plans it announced earlier.

To remind, May 13, 2022 in Taganrog, Rostov Province, was the official launch of renovation of Rostselmash's trailed and mounted implements manufacturing facility located at the site of the former Taganrog Automotive Plant. The ₽1.5bn investment project calls for a complete renovation of buildings, installation of services and provision of workshops with state-of-the-art equipment, hook-up of all utilities. The expected output amounts to ₽3bn a year, with a potential for yearly increase by 10 to 15%.
The equipment passed test runs end quality inspection
Exactly one year later, in May 2023, the first shop started work, the cutting and blanking shop. In August, the facility already had 300 workplaces. Also, company's plans to produce first units of equipment in September were voiced last month during a working visit by Rostov Governor Vasily Golubev.

"We are sticking to our plans," says Alexander Vinogradov, CEO of Rostselmash Trailed and Mounted Implements Division.

The Taganrog site is now at the final stage of facility renovation and construction. To date, all windows have been installed, roofs on all production and administration buildings repaired, all services installed, asphalt is being placed, repairs of the checkpoint and canteens are nearing completion. The assembly shop spanning 37,800 sq.m is expected to be commissioned in the 4th quarter 2023, that's why all process operations from metal grinding and cutting to assembly are concentrated inside the cutting and blanking shop for the time being. Today, this manufacturing facility is beginning to make new products. Workers started to make first disk harrows and SAPSUN rotary cutters with conditioners. By early 2024, all types of Rostselmash's mounted and pulled cutters, as well as balers, harrows, cultivators, seeding systems and trailed sprayers will be produced by the Taganrog facility. The process of Taganrog workers' learning to make the agricultural equipment is being supervised by experienced production engineers and foremen.

"By 2024, the production will have been ramped up to its full capacity. The new site will be a complete cycle facility including its own test grounds," says Alexander Vinogradov, CEO of Rostselmash Trailed and Mounted Implements Division.
The company is sticking to the plans it announced earlier
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