Rostselmash sets up a new industrial site

January, 2022

Rostselmash sets up a new industrial site

Rostselmash fosters the production of agricultural machines and breaks new ground. Another facility will start operation in Taganrog at the site of the former automotive factory.

Rostselmash is going to make here forage harvesting, tillage equipment which is nowadays manufactured by the Trailed and Mounted Implement Division, and other machines. The first units to be rolled out in Taganrog are expected to go to field in 2023.

The Rostselmash’s new investment project calls for a complete revamp of the facility with a site of 80 hectares, and storage and production footprint of 150,000 sq.m.

Technic DX Rostselmash

Rostselmash is among the world’s largest designers and makers of agricultural machines. The company has its own innovation center, experimental facilities, modern production sites of complete process cycle. Rostselmash produces a wide range of machines and equipment for agricultural operations under its own brand, from soil preparation to primary grain processing; e-solutions to boost productivity of farming applications and agricultural business. 

Rostselmash’s products are manufactured at 11 production sites in 5 countries. The Taganrog facility will be the 12th site. Also, Rostselmash is now building a tractor factory in Rostov-on-Don and ramping up production at its combine manufacturing plant.

Technic Rostselmash

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