Rostselmash unveils new high performance machines at KazAgro-2021

October, 2021

Nur-Sultan - International fairs KazAgro/KazFarm-2021 have come to an end. Rostselmash was there as the general sponsor of the main agricultural forum in Kazakhstan. One of the global leaders in engineering and manufacture of self-propelled machines and agricultural equipment unveiled a lineup of high performance agricultural machines to the audience.

The company showcased a whole bunch of new products from 2021 and latest seasons: KSU 2 high-speed self-propelled mower, powerful TORUM 750 rotor combine, RSM F 2550 forage harvester, RSM Series 2000 tractor.



“Agricultural companies in the Republic need powerful farming machines that can handle large amounts of fieldwork quickly and properly. Over the last 3 years, Rostselmash has developed and put on the market a number of lineups of such machines. Some machines are already operating at farms across Kazakhstan demonstrating their potential in practice. At KazAgro, this is the first time that all of our new products are showcased together,” a company spokesman says.

Participants of the first Kazakhstan National Crop Growers Gathering held in the fair fields said, too, that growers need powerful and high performance machines. Secretary of Agriculture Erbol Karashukeev said: “One of the objectives for the National Project is to increase productivity by 2.5 times. This is not an easy task. The government will, in its turn, be helping with incentives.”

“I’m sure, with government support, the machines showcased here will become even more affordable. With such machines, we’ll be able to get a sensible boost in performance from each single hectare tilled,” said Erlan Tarashkeev, a visitor at the Rostselmash display.




At the KazAgro site, Rostselmash organized a debut for its KSU 2, a second generation versatile self-propelled mower. Available from 2021, this new machine can handle multiple tasks at the same time. It can cut and swathe at a high speed eared grain crops, beans and cereals, it can cut and condition forage grass. Powerful, agile and multifunctional, this machine is ideally suited to farms extensively using the windrowing method and growing cattle. Machine cutting width: 10.5 to 12.5m. Machine horsepower: 264h.p.

In addition, the KSU 2 has the best in class speed of 50 km/h, field speed is 30 km/h. The new generation of self-propelled mowers by Rostselmash come with Agrotronic, an innovative agromanagement and fleet operations control platform, as standard. Also, RSM Agrotronic Pilot 1.0, RSM Night Vision are available as options.

One of the highlights at the Rostselmash stand was the TORUM 750 grain harvester designed for all traditional grain crops such as eared, bean, oil-bearing, cereal and row crops. The machine can process up to 40 tons of grain crops per operating hour, and over a season it can cut up to 2,000 ha. A bespoke Advanced Rotor System (ARS) with a rotary concave provides a large threshing area and allows the machine to operate in wet or weedy crops, rice by preventing stagnant (dead) spots and thanks to the self-cleaning action of the concave. From 2020, the TORUM 750 has been produced in Kazakhstan.



The participants of the National Crop Growers Gathering were very interested in the RSM F 2550 with a 503h.p. engine. The machine comes from the state-of-the-art family of forage harvesters - RSM F Series 2000, which boasts a number of distinctive design features. A new chopping system provides a great consistency (up to 85%) of lengths of cut for better ingestion of forage, and with the shortest harvest channel in class productivity can reach 200 Mtph and 25,000 tons of forage over season. Larger feedrolls increase the combine’s throughput while keeping uniform feeding of material to the chopping system.

A new cutterhead with 4 rows of knives arranged in V pattern provide material alignment and a clean cut. Such cutterhead design prevents knives from being displaced, safeguarding the system against damage, and saves cost on knife replacement. The cutterhead bottom can automatically move closer to prevent material recirculation, and provides 85% consistent length of cut. A new sharpener halves the time for knife sharpening for ultimate cutting performance without waste of time.

Another machine in the audience’s spotlight at KazAgro/KazFarm-2021 is the articulated RSM 2375 tractor. This model went into production in 2016, starting from 2018 it has been produced in Kazakhstan, too. This is an efficient machine which is easy to service and cheap to own. The tractor can be used for a wide range of agricultural operations and offers good cost benefits for farms with tilled acreage above 1,500 ha. It can work up to 19 hectares per hour, seasonal coverage can be as high as 12,000 ha.

The model features a sturdier engine with 375h.p., and larger flow hydraulics, 220 L/min, for efficient handling of seeding systems with large flow requirements. The tractor has an air system for a compressor and trailer brakes, expanding the machine’s functionality, and differential lock on the front and rear axles.

Tractors come with Agrotronic, an innovative agromanagement and fleet operations control platform. Starting from the next year, RSM Agrotronic Pilot 1.0 auto-guidance system will be available for Rostselmash tractors.

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