Rostselmash will supply SWA PICK transporter-pickers to Finland

February, 2022

Rostselmash will supply SWA PICK transporter-pickers to Finland
Trailed and mounted equipment of Rostselmash enters the Scandinavian market. The other day the manufacture’s Trailer and Attachment Division signed a contract for the supply of SWA PICK transporter-pickers with a Finnish partner – Heftway Oy Limited.


Agriculture in Finland is dominated by medium and small-scale farms, and forage crops predominate among the crops grown. Cereals are also grown in the southern parts of the country, in harvesting of which double-harvesting technologies are widely used. The SWA PICK series pickers are ideal for two-stage harvesting. They allow for harvesting of crops according to the natural and climatic conditions, reducing post-harvesting costs. At the same time, the convenient adjustment system allows you to adjust the machine to the prevailing conditions and minimize potential losses.


“Rostselmash produces a wide range of attachments for combines. When entering new markets, the company takes into account their requirements and conditions, offering the best technical solutions. We also take the specifics of individual regions into account when developing new models. This approach contributes to the growth of recognition and consumer value of Rostselmash products in the world,” says Alexey Trofimchenko, Export Director for Western Europe of Rostselmash’s Trailer and Attachment Division.


The contract for SWA PICK supply is not the first one within the cooperation between Rostselmash and Heftway Oy. In the summer of 2021, Rostselmash delivered its first grain harvesters to Finland: RSM 161 with a double drum threshing system and NOVA 330.

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