RSM 3575 Makes a Debut in Kazakhstan

March, 2022

RSM 3575 Makes a Debut in Kazakhstan

A Rostselmash tractor manufactured in Kazakhstan has made its official debut in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today is the closing of AgroKostanay 2022. Presentation of the RSM 3575 was the key event at the interregional exhibition of agricultural equipment. New to the national market, this machine attracted a lot of attention from the visitors. “In the runup to the spring field work, I have to replenish our farm’s tractor fleet. We need machines from this very pull class. Experts at a Rostselmash Service Centre gave us detailed consultations on the specifications and trailed implements that are best suited to this model”, said one of the visitors of AgroKostanay 2022 - Yerlan Madinov, Chief Mechanic at a partnership company.

Presentation of the RSM 3575

The RSM 3575 is a tractor from Series 3000 launched into production by Rostselmash in 2019. Heavy-duty tractors are in high demand in Kazakhstan. For this reason, in 2021, the manufacture of this series was set up by Kazakhstan Agro Innovation Company, a maker’s partner in Kazakhstan.

RSM 3000 tractors are powerful machines for power-demanding operations. The series comprises 4 models with power ratings 440HP, 492HP, 542HP, and 583HP: RSM 3435, 3485, 3535, 3575. Rostselmash is the only maker of tractors above 430HP in Russia and the CIS.

Farms that will benefit from a Series 3000 tractor include those with tilled acreage of 2,500 hectares or greater. This is a reliable and well-balanced tractor, with its cost/performance well suited to the current situation in the agriculture. High horsepower allows making fewer passes per hectare (also saving fuel and effort), and the standard dual-tyre configuration reduces the ground pressure for less damage to the topsoil, the most fertile layer.

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