Time for Rostselmash Records

September, 2022
September 25, 2022 - Rostselmash reaffirmed its leadership in forage harvesting and wrote its new achievement in the Russia’s Book of Records!

The event where the Russia’s record was set in the category “Greatest Weight of Silage Harvested by One Combine During an 8-Hour Shift in Russia” took place in the village of Nasva, Pskov Province.

The RSM F 2650 forage harvester in combination with the MH 750 header with a cutting width of 7.5 meters harvested the maximum amount of silage corn over an 8-hour shift, 1,443 tons.

This impressive result was achieved in Agro Nova farm on an overall acreage of 84.2 acres with an average yield of 17.1 metric tons per acre.

The harvesting began at 8:47 a.m. and finished at 4:47 p.m. and was observed by official independent judges from the Russia’s Book of Records organization, media and spectators.
The event was organized and technical support provided by Rostselmash and Evrochimservis dealership centre.
Самая большая масса убранного силоса одним комбайном за 8-часовую смену в России
The combine cut a field with an average pass length of 1.5km, travelling at a speed up to 7.5 km/h depending on harvesting conditions.
The chopped green material was removed using trailers with an average weight of 14,010kg. Overall, 103 trips were made.
The record was set with a fuel consumption as little as 0.51 litres per ton.

The powerful record-setting forage harvester, RSM F 2650, reigns in the Russian fields. This machine delivers an excellent chopping quality of material in large quantities and shortest time which is key for every animal farm. The RSM F 2650 with a rated power of 611 h.p. is the most powerful model in the RSM F 2000 range and will help every farm achieve record forage harvesting performance!

Reliability and productivity of your machine is particularly important when harvesting forage crops. The RSM F 2650 operating non-stop for 8 hours has proved that with proper process planning its productivity can near the technically possible limit,” commented Rostselmash Marketing Director Andrey Ryabov.

The event showed again how efficient the advanced technologies and state-of-the-art Russian agricultural machines can be, and how skillful operators are. Note that Russian machines set more than one record demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of the company’s products.

Earlier, on August 8, 2022 the company set a Russia’s record for the greatest amount of threshed grain in Russia. The country’s most powerful grain harvester, Rostselmash’s TORUM 785, threshed 400.84 Mt of grain in 8 hours in Oryol Region.
25 сентября 2022 Ростсельмаш подтвердил лидерство в кормозаготовке
The key statistics of this record are:
  • Overall time spent: 8 hours
  • Crop harvested: corn
  • Terrain: plain
  • Silage harvested: 1,443 tons
  • Acreage: 84.2 acres
  • Fuel consumed for acreage cut: 737 litres
  • Crop moisture content: 55%
  • Average yield: 17.1 metric tons per acre