RSM Night Vision
Helps detect objects not visible to the operator at nighttime
available for all Rostselmash’s self-propelled machines
higher productivity
30 30 %
Agrotechnics professionals
General description
  • higher productivity
    30 30 %
  • operating speed
    2 2 times faster

When processing crops at nighttime, good visibility is key. The RSM Night Vision helps detect objects obscured from the operator’s view, thereby enhancing productivity.


RSM Night Vision
How does it work?
  • The high-sensitivity camera scans the space.
  • The camera feed is transmitted to the LCD mounted in the cab of a tractor or a self-propelled sprayer.
  • While watching the image from the system, the operator is seeing the road.
  • Objects in the image are scaled so as if the driver were looking through the windscreen.
  • This system is perfect for nighttime operations and allows you to promptly achieve maximum performance.

Standard package:

- Camera in Night Vision mode
- Rear-view camera
- Monitor
System benefits
  • 01
    The operator is not distracted from the operating process
  • 02
    Saving on nutrients
  • 03
    Prevents chemical burns of plants
  • 04
    Reduces risk of damaging wide booms

Objects in the image are scaled to the actual size

Objects in the image are scaled to the actual size

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